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We're well into the start of a new year and it's time to forecast what will be the exciting new trends for 2021. Here at Bullerdick, trends enable us to cater to the wants and needs of our clients. We hope you will take the following as a clue to what lies ahead, but not a rule that you have to follow.

-With the confusion of 2020 behind us, we will continue to embrace comfort, function and tradition in the home. Many will spend more time making their homes livable and welcoming. What were unusable rooms in the past will be redefined for the way we live now. Think dining rooms turned into offices or unused bedrooms into craft rooms.

-There will be a new spin on traditional style, mixing old with what's new. In 2021, look for wood furniture in dark and light tones and nature inspired finishes. Those that discarded the idea of not wanting grandma's old china may have a change of heart.

-People who have lived with a neutral color scheme will rethink the need for color, opting to add a new hue on a wall or piece of furniture. Blues, including cobalt and aquas, will be important. Also look for emerald, burnt orange, yellow and mustard. Rich tones, including grey, will continue to give us a feeling of solace and safety.

-Buying items of better quality, which will be sustainable, will be appreciated once again. This is an idea that Bullerdick has long believed in.

-Decor styles,such as "rustic vogue", "cottage core"," global chic" and the "collected look", will influence what we purchase. Most importantly, the desire and appreciation of comfort, family history and nostalgia is likely to continue into the new year.

We hope you had fun diving into the trends with us. We would love your feedback and always have our eyes open for what YOU want.

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