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The Season of Gathering

In the fall our dining spaces become the heart and center of our homes. It's where we entertain our friends, have meals with family and work on projects.

When it comes to choosing your own dining table collection there are several points to remember. Deciding your budget and matching your style often come to mind but there is more to consider.

MATERIALS AND FINISH can impact the durability and cost of your dining collection.Tables made of solid wood are often the most durable. As on other tables, you will find various finish colors, stains and paints.The quality pieces are often topped with the hardest finishes in the industry, catalyzed finish.

With a catalyzed finish you can leave many types of food and beverage on the wood for up to 24 hours without a ring or stain. Reclaimed or distressed wood is also very popular, as a few more self made marks just add to their worry free look. Many veneered table tops are finished with varied degrees of varnish. A veneer allows you to enjoy a pattern of wood in different designs, giving the table a more distinctive look.

Table SIZE is something you'll want to pay attention to. Measuring your dining space ahead of shopping will save you lots of time. Do a mock table lay-out, using rulers or paper in your space, to give you a visual idea of your correct size table top. Consider thoughts about stored leaves or dropped leaves. Remember that you will need about 24"-30" between the center of each chair and 36" from table edges to any barrier, like a wall. I learned early that opting for the ability to make your table larger can sometimes be a benefit, as our gathering numbers of family and guests vary through the years. Aprons, or skirt framing, at the sides of the tabletop allow self stored leaves to remain hidden under your table. Butterfly leaves fold in half and tuck under the table top. If you prefer the look of a clean apron line when you add leaves, you may want to choose aproned leaves that easily store under a bed, sofa or other spot.

CHOOSE A SHAPE to your table top and edge. You'll find top options from rectangular, square, oval, round, boat shape and more. Remember that not all tables come in different shapes. Likewise the edge of the table can vary from straight to softly rounded and shapes in between. Consider your room when you pick your table. Will you easily bump into a sharp corner or is a curved side better?

PICK A LEG style that you feel is appealing. Tables with four

support legs are the most popular. Better quality tables may have the added option of a fifth center leg for additional support. Pedestal tables, with one or two center table bases, mean that no one will ever have to bump into a leg. However, if you like to stretch your legs across the underside of the table it may be difficult. Like a tall table?

Look for those with over 32" to 40" legs. Consider a trestle table with two sloping table legs with a support beam in between. Their spacious size usually allows an extra guest at their shorter end. You'll find curvy Queen Ann or French legs all the way to straight contemporary and mission style legs.There is something for every space. Pick the leg style that you prefer.

ASK ABOUT MATCHING PIECES. Chair options, buffets, servers, hutches and and other pieces will likely be available. to match your table. Again, remember not all collections have all pieces. Be sure and ask your Bullerdick sales associate or designer. They are here to assist you in any way.

Have fun shopping and enjoy your next gathering.

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