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1. You'll want to gather ideas to start your bedroom redo. Browse through pictures of bedrooms on our website and Instagram, on Pinterest and in magazines. Be sure and walk through Bullerdick Furniture and talk to our sales associates. They are always up on the latest bedroom decor trends. They are more than happy to explain the options and quality of each collection.

2. Decide on a style for your room. While it does not need to have a specific style name, it will be a guide in choosing furniture and accessories. Your style will help you to explain to your sales associate what you are looking for.

3. Don't forget to measure. Bedroom furniture comes in all sizes and shapes. Measuring will help make sure that your furnishing will easily fit in your space, giving your room the calm and restful feel that you want it to have.

4. A bedroom is all about you and the person you may share it with. It's your chance to show your personality. Do you have a favorite color? There is no rule that your bedroom has to blend with the rest of your home. Make your room your haven by incorporating your favorite colors and personal items, like family photos and vacation mementos.

5. Because of its size, your bed will be the star of your room. You'll want to treat it as such. Pick a comfortable mattress that supports and comforts you.

6. Take a look at what you see around your bedroom. A clutter free space is the most relaxing. Store and clear extra clothes out of the way. Edit items to your personal favorites. Purge, toss and donate things that you no longer need. If possible keep work items, like papers and computers, out of your bedroom. Only allow a TV in the bedroom if it aids you in relaxation.

7. Add a touch of softness to your bedroom. A plush rug, luxurious linens, beautiful lighting or a relaxing chair can elevate any bedroom to the next comfort level.

There you have it. By following these simple steps, you'll soon have the bedroom of your dreams.

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