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Pet Friendly Furniture

Are you longing to have new upholstered furniture but are concerned about your home with pets? You are not the only one. Sharing furniture with pets can come with apprehension. After all, you don't want to live your life with a lint roller in one hand and a cleaning spray in the other. Fortunately, furniture manufacturers have thought about your pet friendly furniture needs.

Obviously, the best way to keep your furniture looking good is to purchase your pets their own pet beds and/or scratching posts and to give them positive praise when they use them. However we know that there is nothing better than having your pet right next to you to snuggle with. So, from dog odors to cat fur, the next best thing that you can do is look for performance fabrics. Luckily fabrics have come a long way in long wear and cleanability. You'll even find fabrics with antimicrobial properties which fight the growth of aroma causing bacteria, mold and mildew.


Revolution fabrics are made right here in the USA. They are stain resistant, antimicrobial and exceptionally durable. All of these features come in a cover that is soft to the touch. You also have the added benefit of fade, fuzz and pill resistance. Revolution fabrics come in a wide variety of colors and styles. These easy to clean fabrics will help keep your furniture looking and smelling good, even when dirty paws find their way to it. (Look for Revolution fabrics on Flexsteel brand furniture./ Flexsteel has other performance fabrics that are cleanable with 409 Multi-purpose spray. amazing!)


IClean fabrics are part of a pet friendly selection of fabrics that have undergone additional testing. They are easier to clean and tougher against digging animals. They are antimicrobial, sustainable and come in a wide range of color, patterns and feel. Innovative technology surrounds each fiber of IClean fabric. Most liquids will just roll off, meaning wet spots from paws, noses and more will be a quick clean. The manufacturer of IClean recommends blotting most stains away or using soap and water on the fabric. (Look for IClean fabrics on La-Z-Boy furniture.)


The clarity collection of fabrics are a durable and easy care fabric line. Made from Polyester and Polypropylene, clarity fabric will keep your furniture looking good for years. Gently clean a clarity fabric with Dawn or Tide soap. This durable fabric will stand up to the active lives of your pets, with their stain resistance and ability to be easily cleaned. (Look for Clarity fabrics on Smith Brothers products. Smith Brothers is known for their wide selection of beautiful fabrics.)


Leather is a durable and natural product. Many people who own pets prefer leather because of the thickness of the hide and the ability to easily wipe it clean. Expect leather to patina with use from pets. You would want to consider scratches and oil absorption something that may occur. (Look for leather in most all brands of furniture from Bullerdick.)


For the ultimate peace of mind add Guardsman Product Protection to you furniture purchase. It covers leather, fabric or wood items. Ask about our 5 year protection plan for accidents from your pets. It includes pet wetting or sickness, as well as tears from beaks, paws and claws.Guardsman will clean, repair or replace damaged items depending on the accident.

You'll find that many furniture companies have their own unique performance fabrics to choose from, while others are found in multi-brands. Your Bullerdick sales associate can help you find the best fabrics for your needs. Most performance fabrics come with a longer warranty than regular fabrics. It's your perfect choice to make shopping with pets in mind a comfortable experience.

Read more about pets and furniture- (pets and your furniture) (cleaning and care) (performance fabrics/click under their logo)

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