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Functional and purposeful are the words that come to mind when thinking about how we are using our homes in 2021. We have seen our living spaces heading to a more casual style in the last decade. However, with our shut in time last year, we now also realize that our relaxed homes need to work for us.

Nowhere has the change in living become more apparent than in our dining rooms. What was once a space that we may have only used a few times a year, for holidays and dinner parties, we are in the process of reinventing. Our dining rooms have become both functional and are regaining new purpose. While we still want them to be a lovely space for entertaining, they are also homework stations, zoom meeting spots, family game night centers and even used for every night eating.

Since our dining rooms are now multipurpose, it is more important than ever to find products that are durable and comfortable while retaining style and beauty. Fortunately, furniture manufacturers have taken this lifestyle change into account. They are producing beautiful tables with hard catalyzed finishes. laminate or weathered tops that can withstand real use. You can even find custom sized table pads which protect table tops from the most exuberant family member.

Chairs and benches are available in a wide variety of styles and finishes. Seats can be covered with performance fabrics that are wipeable and stain resistant.

The room that once may have displayed fragile china in a cupboard now may be housing a daily used piece of furniture. Consoles and buffets store anything from kid's books and crafts to our own mail and work papers.

The dining room has truly arrived again to become a center of our home and a functional and purposeful spot.

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