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Nothing is more useful or more functional in a room than the perfect table lamp. A table lamp's purpose is to add soft lighting to the area around an end table, nightstand or other flat surface. The perfect lamps can do more.They can add the feeling of warmth to an area or add brightness to make reading or craftwork more enjoyable. A table lamp can even spotlight the area of the room that you want to shine, while hiding other areas.

There is more to a great lamp than just light. A beautiful table lamp is like the jewelry of the room, bringing an artistic touch to any space. Lamp bases can be found in a wide variety of color, shapes and finishes. Lamp shades can have their own unique dimensions and colors. There are so many options. With all of these choices, a new lamp is a quick and inexpensive way to update any room.

So how do you pick the right one? It's easy when you follow a few pointers.

1. The only thing that you will need is a measuring tape. Now let's measure. If you are sitting on a sofa or chair the bottom of the shade should line up with, or be just below, your eye level. If you are sitting in a bed the lamp shade should line up with your chin level. Jot these measurements down before you shop. Following this guide will keep your new lamps' lightbulb from glaring in your eyes.

2. Consider the type of lightbulb your lamp will use. 60 Watts or above will be needed for reading. Anything less is best used for mood lighting. If you want both kinds of light, check to see if the lamp can use a three way bulb. A lamp with a dark shade will limit light, so don't forget to notice its color. By asking your sales associate to turn the display lamps on you'll be able to see the differences.

3. It's time to measure again. This time measure your table top at home, both width, depth and height. Bring these numbers into the store with you. Your lamp will look better if the shade is narrower than the width of the table that it sits on. How tall should the lamp be? The best lamp will not be taller than 1 and one half times the table height. In general, also remember a chunky lamp looks best on a chunky table and a thin lamp on a narrower table.

4. Last, the fun part. Choose a lamp that you think is beautiful. You might coordinate your lamp with fabrics or paint colors in your home. A textured lamp looks wonderful in a casual room. Pick a glossy, shiny lamp for a formal space. You're the boss. You know what you like.

There you have it. You know the tricks. You've picked the perfect lamp.

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