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When we are home, most of us spend plenty of time on our upholstered chairs, loveseats, sofas or sectionals. It's where we go to get comfortable. So when we shop for new furniture it's important to find items that will look good, feel good and also last. Most of us don't shop for furniture every day, so learning about what to look for and ask about is important. In general, it's never a mistake to buy the best you can afford at the time. Buying well once has much more value than replacing the same piece time and time again. But what should you look for or ask about? To help you, I've gathered a few pointers. They are a great starting point when you are working with your sales associate. CHECK THE FRAME We know that good bones are important for our body and, likewise, a good frame is important in finding a well made piece of furniture. You'll want to avoid cheap knotty or split wood, glued together wood pieces, plastic, cardboard. These may warp or crack. Instead look for thick multi-ply engineered wood or quality solid wood. They are much more durable. Also look for arms or legs that are part of the frame or strongly supported. A well-made frame will be connected with screws and dowels and corner blocked for strength. Avoid buying pieces that are just held together by staples, nails or glue. You can't see the frame? ask your sales associate to see a demo piece of furniture construction or even pictures of what's inside an item. Most good companies will have something available to share.

TEST THE SPRING Make sure you sit on something from the company that makes your furniture you are looking for. The exact piece you want may only be available by custom order, but ask for examples that are similar. This will give you a chance to try the feel of the item. Furniture that has springs that are just mesh or webbing will lose support faster than a well-made spring system, Look for strong blue steel springs, the highly-rated eight-way machine or connected spring, and strong well-made and well-placed sinuous wires. Again, just ask your sales associate to show you the differences. FIND OUT ABOUT FOAM Did you know that seat foam comes in different densities? You'll want to look for 1.8 or higher density sheet foam . To find the feel that you want try the different foam seats. Most good foam seats will be wrapped with a softening poly cloth or batting. Avoid items made from shredded foam. These will crush and settle and not be your long lasting choice. TOUCH THE TEXTILES It may be love at first sight but it's important to touch a piece of furniture. Does it have the feel that will make you comfortable? Ask the store for a sample piece of fabric or leather. The sample will tell you about the durability, fabric make up, ability to be cleaned, and quality. Ask your sales associate if you are having trouble finding the information or what it means. They can even tell you how the fabric has been tested at the factory level. Did you know that you can check out fabric and leather samples? If you really want to make sure an item will look good in your home, you may want to view these samples in the lamp light and natural light in your own home. Once you make a decision, ask about fabric and product protection that add to making your purchase worry-free.

I hope all of these pointers have helped make you a more confident shopper. As always, an honest and reliable store is always the place to shop. We hope that we can be that comfortable place for you.

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