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End tables are part of the finishing touches to any good home design.They add both personality and function to rooms, In general, you"ll want to place your end tables on either side of your sofa or next to a chair. But which table goes where? There are hundreds of different end tables today. How is a person to choose? No worry, Bullerdick is here to help. We've collected four simple hints to help you.

Hint #1- Don't forget to keep a measuring tape handy while you shop. You'll want to keep your end tables close to the height of the arms of your sofa or chair. The standard end table will be 18" to 24" high. The taller the arms on your upholstered furniture, the taller the table you will want. For chairs without arms choose a table about 8" higher than the seat,

Hint #2- Keep the depth of your end tables no deeper than the sofa or chair next to it. For the best visual positioning, place your tables 2-3" away from a seat. You'll want to allow a bit more room for reclining furniture. Your hand should reach comfortably for the power buttons or levers without hitting your fingers on a table.

Hint #3- When it comes to the width of an end table, it's personal preference, It usually appears nicer to have a larger table next to a larger piece of upholstered furniture. Chunky arms on furniture pair well with chunky end tables. The opposite holds true too- thinner furniture arms call for slimmer end tables. Also consider how you want your end table to function. Do you need a drawer to hold a pad of paper or a shelf to hold a magazine? Will you want space for a book, lamp, photograph or other knick-knacks. Keep these thoughts in mind as you pick your end tables.

Hint #4- You will naturally be attracted to end table in styles that you like. Research end tables on-line or find a look you admire in our store building. Tables made of materials like shiny glass or polished stone look wonderful in a formal room. Cement, metal or reclaimed wood look nice in a casual space. Match or contrast stained or painted wood finishes to other items in your room. These finishes work almost anywhere. The rule of three says that at least two of your tables should be from the same collection or be very close to the other. The third table can be different and considered an accent.

I hope that these simple hints help you in your shopping. Bullerdick sales associates can always help you with end tables, too. Just have fun .You'll never regret choosing quality pieces that you love.

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