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Welcome 2022! If you are like me, you're ready and anxious to start a new year in a new way. 2022 gives us a reason for a fresh start in our lives and in our homes.

We know our living spaces can affect our moods, for good or bad. But did you know that a clean and restful home can even change our feelings of health and well being? All of us want to feel better this year, so let's dive into some of the top trends that just might make a difference in our lives

1. A RETURN TO TRADITION-Moving away from harsh lines and strong geometric forms, this year will find us returning to the softness of curves. Look for rolled arms on sofas and soft shapes in tables. The time honored tradition of a wing chair will also come back into fashion.

2. LASTING STYLE- We are seeing the results of throw-it-away consumerism and its relationship to our earth. Furniture that is built to last for years has value not just for today, but also for our tomorrow.

3. COZY FABRICS- We are spending more time in our homes and with our furnishings. We want everything not only to look good, but also to be comfortable. Furry, soft and cozy fabrics will be great choices for our lives in 2022. Look for patterns that evoke the feel of the outdoors, such as leaves and flower-like shapes.

4. DISCO TIME- Don't look for the return of disco balls, but colors from the 70's are making a resurgence. The whites, neutral and greys are not gone in our homes, but 70's style browns will be coming on strong. Terra Cotta orange, yellow-green sage and mustard yellow will warm up our homes. People are craving color after so many years of neutral tones.

5. CALM ENVIRONMENTS- Our world seems to be spinning faster than ever and our need to find peace in all of it will gain in importance. Remember the house plant craze of the late 70's and early 80's? We just might find ourselves embracing it again. Nature does indeed nurture.

6. PATTERNED WALLS- If you've lived long enough, you've seen the popularity of wallpaper come and go. It's time to embrace the patterned wall again. Look for patterns that appeal to you that contain touches of on-trend colors, curves and natural forms. Just remember to look for easily strippable products, so that when trends change your walls can too.

7. SOFT RUGS AND SHINY MIRRORS- Update your floors with soft, time worn classics patterns and oriental patterns. Place a mirror on your wall, in any color of frame, to reflect your new home and style. It's time to welcome the brightness of a new year.

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