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Falling leaves, crisp mornings and the ever popular smell of pumpkin spice wafting through the air- It may be warm outdoors now, but autumn is just around the corner.

When it comes to decorating your home for the season, it's never too early to plan ahead. However, if you haven't been planning yet, don't worry. You'll find lots of new products, styles, patterns and colors arriving at Bullerdick. Buy right from our sales floor or order your own fall favorites.


1. FEELING "BLUE"- There is no need to be anything but happy with all of the new shades of cheerful blue fabrics on the horizon. They will make the perfect combo to the beloved grey shades that have been strong in the last years.

2. GOING NATURAL- Wood, stone, ratan, ceramic and iron textures in furnishings will connect us to nature and a simpler time. Running your hand across these natural products will be like a blast of fresh air making you feel almost healthier. Soft natural curves on products will take the edge off of life.

3. COLOR FOR COOLER- The cooler grey skies of autumn make warmer tones inside our homes even more appealing. Look for toastier greys and comforting browns, Amber yellow and warm Cognac evoke a feeling of fireside coziness.

4.FARMHOUSE REFRESH- Farmhouse style is not going away, but it is getting a fall refresh. Rather than dusty, chippy paint, look for cleaner and smoother wood finishes. Soft neutral stains will replace heavily distressed paint. The new farmhouse is both classic and contemporary. There will be room for shiplap, but wallpaper will be number one in importance. Look for trends heading past only grey and white furnishings to living in full color.

5. BEING MINDFUL- Performance fabrics, multipurpose furniture and quality are more important than ever. When brisk days mean more time inside for the entire family, our furniture needs to stand up to the season... and for years to come. "Junk" and "disposable" is out of fashion and quality is in. Keeping items out of the landfill is living mindfully.

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