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It's true, everyone needs a little help from time to time. Are you ready to make your or a loved one's life a little easier and more comfortable? That is where a lift chair can help. It's not easy for anyone to admit that they need aid, but any of us can go through periods of special needs. Be it stiff joints, broken and repaired bones, muscle weakness or pains from arthritis, all of these things can take their toll on our body. Even though we can't make medical claims, lift chairs can benefit those with these or other ailments.

So what is a lift chair? Lift chairs look very similar to standard recliners that you would find in anyone's home.The difference is that these have features that raise and tilt the entire chair from the floor. This motion allows those seated to easily arrive at a standing position. Lift chairs also solve the issue of those who have trouble bending down to reach a seat. Many customers have said that they just wouldn't be able to get up and out of a chair without the lift assistance.

Lift chairs do all the work of going from a sitting to standing position. They also allow the user to recline and put their feet up. All of our lift chairs work with a standard electrical wall plug. You can choose from chairs that have one motor and a very easy and simple to use control wand. Or upgrade to a two motor lift chair. With two motors the chair's back and footrest work independently, allowing more comfort positions.

You can find lift chairs in many sizes for different body types. They easily look at home with different decor, as you can choose for a wide variety of coverings. Soft fabrics, wipeable vinyl and durable leathers are all available. Look for special options when you shop to find the comfort you want. Features such as head tilt and lumbar adjustment, lay flat sleep position and heat and massage make lift chairs perfect for almost anyone.

If it's time to make life easier lift chairs from Bullerdick can help.

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