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What's one of the most popular pieces of furniture in homes? You may have guessed it. It's recliners.

When you think of relaxing nothing beats the comfort of a reclining piece of furniture. So are you ready to bring a recliner into your home? Flexsteel and La-Z=Boy offer plenty of cozy, comfy, durable and affordable options. You'll even find reclining furniture designed for different body sizes and shapes.

Most reclining furniture has a pillowy look and it's for a good reason. The extra head and lumbar support adds to the comfort when the piece is reclined. However, the longtime debate over feel VS style is over, You can be happy in knowing there are sleek modern, classic traditional styles and everything else in between. You can even find sofa and sectionals that just slightly recline while raising a footrest, keeping the look of a "normal" sofa.

Budget friendly manual furniture allows you to pull a lever or use the force of your body to get into a reclined position. There'll be no debate over who gets to put their feet up when you choose pieces with multiple reclining seats.

Step up to the luxury you deserve with power recline. Easy to use sofas, chairs, and more, plug into a standard wall outlet. You can even find battery run units that allow reclining furniture to sit in the center of a room without an electrical cord showing. With a smooth push of a button you can vary your recline in multiple positions, adjust your headrest or give extra support to your lumbar region. Most power furniture includes an easy to find USB port. You can relax and power up while scrolling on your smartphone or playing games on your tablet.

Fitting into tight spaces and around corners is no trouble for reclining pieces, as most of them have a removable back allowing them to be delivered into basements or up stairs. La-Z-Boy and Flexsteel reclining furniture offer solid frames with other options, too. Premium fillers retain shape, support and give pressure relief to a tired body. Select from 100's of fabrics in a wide range of colors and patterns. You'll even find performance fabrics which have been tested for stain resistance, wear and pet use.

We know we can help you find a fine recline. I hope I can show you all of the great features and beauty of the reclining furniture at Bullerdick.

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