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2023 Trends for Interiors

It's a great time to talk about trends as we head to the end of 2022. Trends are all in fun and are never meant to replace decorating your home in your own way. Look at trends as a place to give you inspiration. Trend reports give you an idea of what will be available in stores and shops too. You don't have to buy all new things to stay in style. Just a few new items can help you and your space feel refreshed.

From furniture trade magazines to fashion and decor articles, I've searched all over for you to find the trends that are on the horizon. I've narrowed it down to the three that seem to be the ones to keep your eye out for. You'll find some thoughts to be repeated from last years and others that are new. Once trends catch on and become widely accepted, they have about a 10 year life.

#1 BE KIND AND BE WELL Sustainable, eco-friendly and comfy articles fit into this category. There is great demand for pieces that are made well and will last. Don't hesitate to mix quality new and old pieces.When choosing new furniture look for fabrics made with water bottles and the like. These fabrics are eco approved. After all, we all want items that will wear well and keep the planet clean. Do you appreciate a spa-like atmosphere? Small touches of rattan and reed furniture add to this trend. Grass cloth wall paper is loved for its natural look. Clean lines and muted colors are sure to add comfort to surroundings. Remember more isn't always more. Find rest in your own home. Look for non-fussy furniture with simple lines. For your comfort it's hard to beat reclining and multi-cushioned, deep seated furniture covered in soft fabrics. Did someone say it's nap time?

#2 GONE WITH THE GREY I know that this trend will be controversial. Many of us have an invested relationship with this color in our homes. Grey was a safe and simple choice during uncertain times, but we are looking for better and brighter days ahead. Look for all grey or grey and white rooms to decline. Many sources say we are headed back to color. Watch for large printed floral patterns on wallpaper. Yes, wallpaper is back and big prints make big statements. Look for spaces to become more opulent and glamorous. Both jewel tones, which are reappearing from the 80s, and pastels are starting to trend. Blues, burnt orange, green and yellow remain strong colors in decor for 2023. If you are just starting to introduce grey into your home or love the grey that you have, no worries. Grey is NOT going anywhere anytime soon. (Remember the 10 year cycle.) Most of what you will see in stores right now will still be grey or greige (grey-beige).

#3 BACK TO TRADITIONS It's back! Brown wood tones in all areas of the home return for 2023. If you wonder where they went, they were replaced by light, driftwood and stone finishes in the last years. With this emerging trend it will be widely accepted to mix light tones with the new browns. Again, don't be afraid to mix old with new. That's what most of us want to do anyway. Watch for styles to repeat from the 80's. (Does anyone remember layered chintz fabrics, fringe and tassels?) For an uptown look, the deco style is being revisited. (Think sleek geometrics with cool-cat vibes.) Artisan, collected and travel inspired accessories and furnishing all define a return to traditions. Bronze and brass finishes are on the rise. Could traditional cherry furniture be in our future?

Thanks for ending 2022 with all of us at Bullerdick. We appreciate having you as friends and clients. The entire staff of Bullerdick hope all of you have a wonderful new year. Watch for big news from us in January of 2023.

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