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Creating a new home or refreshing a current living space can be easy. All you need to start with is a few key pieces. The five pieces of furniture that I have chosen will serve you well right from the start. They will also grow with you as your home does too.

#1-A COMFORTABLE MATTRESS SET is important for all members of the family. Don't skimp here. A good night's sleep makes even the next day better. You'll feel better, work better and be healthier if you sleep well. If you are a parent, remember that children are small for only a short time. If you purchase a good bed now, your child could use it for a decade. Now that's a good buy.

#2-A QUALITY SOFA purchase is never a mistake. Strong, sturdy and comfortable sofas not only seat multiple people, but also serve as a place for you to stretch out and relax at the end of each day. From hosting parties to spending a night at home, a good sofa will serve you well.

#3-A CLASSIC SOFA TABLE is an often overlooked item that is a real work horse in a home. A sofa table is sure to be moved into different rooms as the years go by. Any piece of furniture that can solve multiple needs is great purchase. Think of your sofa table as a TV stand, as server, a nightstand or a desk. If you choose a simple style, your sofa table can be all of these things and more.

#4-AN OTTOMAN is more than just a place to put your feet up. You'll soon realize how functional it can be. Think of an ottoman as an extra seat. Most ottomans are easy to move and can be positioned in a room to seat any guest or family member. Add a tray and the ottoman also serves as a makeshift table for drinks and snacks.

#5-A DINING TABLE COLLECTION is an essential piece of furniture. Use the chairs as extra seating in a family room. The table can stay in the kitchen or dining room, but may later be used as a game table or study desk in another area. Everyone needs a place to gather all of the papers and mail that flow in and out of a home. A well arranged table can be just that spot.

Well there they are, the five best furniture buys. I hope that you find this list helpful as you set up your own home.

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