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HELLO 2020

"A new year and a new start"-isn't that the way most of us feel when we flip over to the first month on a fresh calendar?

As a store owner and lover of furniture and decor, a new year also brings a new chance to experiment. I'm stocking new items, new colors and the entire staff is ready with new ideas to bring you the best for your home.

We have the classic grey, white or beige upholstered furniture in store, but in 2020 also look for pops of color. Watch for furnishings featuring the Pantone color of the Year for 2020- "Classic Blue". You'll also find Persimmon and Rust colors to balance your own rooms in fun and exciting ways. As always, you can choose from hundreds of fabric options and create your own favorite look.

2020 will bring us updated versions of old favorites, like furniture and pillows featuring plaid fabrics. It's sure to make your room feel like home, but in a fresh new way. Look for 2020's plaid patterns in colors like Seafoam Green. You'll find the new plaids to be cleaner, simpler patterns than in the past.

Wood furniture for the new year will be in a variety of finishes and stains. I'm bringing you end tables, bedroom and dining furniture in from tones ranging from grey to light caramel to painted white. I will be watching to see if brown toned wood pieces also return to popularity. it's the 2020 style of what's old is new again, with a simpler spin.

I can't wait for the new year to get started. There is so much fun ahead. I hope you'll join me at Bullerdick and we'll share the excitement of 2020 together.

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