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Six Tips For Buying Bedroom Furniture

Purchasing new bedroom furniture can be an exciting or scary experience. There are so many options, it’s hard to know which way to turn. Let’s face it, no one wants to make a major shopping mistake.

Fortunately, at Bullerdick, we’re here to make your shopping both easy and enjoyable. By following a few steps you can be prepared for all of your bedroom needs.

#1 Measure, measure, measure! Before you shop, know your room dimensions. Consider where you have wall space versus windows or closets. Don't forget to leave yourself room for walking. In a child’s room, if possible, leave space to study or play - Bedroom collections usually contain multiple pieces to fit your room’s needs.

#2 Know your budget. A little shopping will give you ideas of prices. Consider purchasing the best furniture that you can at the time. No one wants flaky finish or wobbly drawers or handles. Remember, most bedroom furniture is kept in the home for years and years. You want to be happy with it until it’s time to switch. Your Bullerdick associate can guide you to understand different construction, wood and finish options.

#3 Decide if you like a matched or mix-and-matched look in your bedroom. Either can be beautiful. We can guide you to pieces that look good together. To get started, don’t be afraid to bring in photos of bedrooms that you like.

#4 Know your style, wood or paint color preferences. Do you like modern straight lines? Do you love curvy romantic furniture? Do you want a bright room with light finishes or a moody dark room? If you are sharing a room, you will want to compromise between the two of you.

#5 Remember who is using the bedroom furniture. For instance, if it is a child’s bedroom, keep in mind both their body size and style preferences change quickly. If it’s your bedroom, you will need a nightstand to hold a book. Does you husband collect sweaters? He’ll need more and larger drawers. Make note of these or any other special needs.

#6 Ask for help. Talk to one of our furniture experts. They’re here to guide you. Bullerdick wants you to love your furniture every time you step inside your bedroom.

Shop our bedroom furniture here!

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